Write Way to Live Wrong – Poor Student

Looks like the old adage that ‘you never stop learning’ is true here. I just didn’t think it would be too much like the school-learnin’ that I’ve found myself returning to again and again. Academic school is usually the antithesis of real life but yet I find myself writing reviews, editing articles, dog-earing books (as opposed to an earring on a dog), doing historical research and even studying for a test!

And yet, it always seems like I’m working on the wrong things. Living up to my erratic series ‘The write way to live wrong’. I’d love to be working on my fiction right now but there’s so much to do and prepare for and find. New job… nay, new career. But I’m qualified for so little. Everything is now specialized which makes everyone not special. And solipsistic society crumbling over it’s own over-accreditation. But maybe I should save the rant for another post.

I guess the takeaway here is sometimes you can be busy and productive as you can possibly be and it still won’t be enough. As we spread out to find the things we love and the niches we can fill, the harder it gets to keep up with everything. This is especially true for the stereotypical life goals that are ever-present. A friend recently told me that they were going to get a single section of a plain, spiked fence to put in their cramped apartment to say they’ve reached that goal of having a white picket fence in their lives. I like this. Sometimes the ridiculous is the only way to face the constructed, chaotic order that is life.

Now, back to the billion projects. Wish me luck… especially for the test… of life… and my actual test.


Stay Strong Sister?

Today is International Women’s Day and all across the internet and social media tributes, stories, homages, anecdotes and manifestos have been going up in the name of women everywhere. Today also serves as a history lesson by scholars of all backgrounds of the exemplary females and female identified individuals who have made a difference. Sometimes these are personal heroes with many tributes to mothers, aunts and sisters. Then there are the social and cultural heroes; inventors that brought us inventions like wireless communication systems and kevlar. Or the heroes that pushed the civil rights movement forward or fought for the right to vote for all women. There are the heroes that are unknown to many Westerners who are heralded to show the impact of women on a global scale. Then there are the fictional heroes, superheroines, witches, jedi who have physical and mystical and magical strength. All these examples are of female and female identified individuals who were courageous and embodied the ideals of a hero.

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Let’s talk – Yeah I’m swell (part 1)

What’s the best way to break months of silence? To talk about mental health of course! I could just blame my absence on depression and those understanding enough would give me a pass. Of course it’s never as simple as that.

Mega-corporation Bell just had their ‘Let’s Talk Day‘ campaign on January 28th and although I’m a little late I figured it’s a good time to talk about why I’ve been away. And while there are legitimate criticisms against Swell Bell’s charity work, I’m not here to add to that conversation. I’ve seen many people and friends on social media share their personal stories about their struggles with mental health and I would never try to take that away from anyone. They lived those experiences, I haven’t.

So this is my story… one that lacks a grand narrative. Depression is like that. Back in August I decided to take some time off of work and focus on my writing to try and make a career of it. The experiment was very successful as I wrote a bunch of short stories and entered a lot of contests. Every day I hit those keys and met my goals. Things were looking pretty good. Continue reading

Micro Mondays – Sept 7/15

Well it’s another Monday which means I have another installment of Micro Mondays.

After grabbing breakfast at a nearby cafe (the only thing open during Labour Day apparently) I went to snap a few pictures of the Little Free Library near my house. I’m not going to talk too much about the tiny library movement today since I’ll be talking about it quite a bit during these segments but I’ll give you the basics. Apparently back in 2009 a man in Wisconsin built a small house on a pole that resembled a schoolhouse as a tribute for his mother who used to be a school teacher. He put books in the box-house and the neighbours loved it and the idea and it started to take off. Flash forward to today and you can find these things in most residential areas of Toronto. Continue reading

First publication – the fridge has landed

One of my pieces has been put online!

The wonderful editor of Drive In Tales magazine, Alex Soderstrom, has put together a fancy looking issue using an application called Joomag that simulates reading a magazine online. You can read the exploits of Kelvin here; it’s in the 2nd issue starting on page 64. You need to click on the cover of the e-mag to open it and then you can scroll through the pages by clicking on the arrows with your mouse or hitting the left or right directional keys. You can also skip to the desired page on the horizontal scroll at the bottom of the screen.

I really hope you enjoy Murder Dialled up to Five and the other stories found within Drive In Tales. Below are a few teaser pages of my story.

Murder pg2

An ode to the Air show

Since the Toronto Air Show is happening this weekend us Torontonians have had the pleasure of hearing their powerful engines roaring above our fair city. So in honour of this momentous event, I have written an ode to show:

Zoom zoom airplanes

Boom boom overhead

We run to the window

To just miss the rockets

Another sonic boom rattles the pane

And again they’re gone through clouds

Soon the jets shall whiz along

with coloured smoke at their wake

Thousands will gawk while

The rubes eat deep fried everything

Sandwiched between

Deep fried everything

For now we spot the specks

Moving across the horizon

We look to each other in awe

And wonder aloud

Why don’t they let us

Take a mid-afternoon nap

Introducing “The Write Way to Live Wrong”

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret; I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I guess in a general sense I do but in the grand scheme of things I’m clueless. Case in point: when I started down this path of becoming a professional writer I didn’t really have a plan. It’s now been a month and I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve decided to start a recurring segment called ‘The Write Way to Live Wrong’ to chronicle the small things I’m learning on my way to becoming an author. I’m interested in talking about the mundane details that get overlooked. And of course this is not a ‘how to’ guide but more of a cautionary tale. If there’s a wrong way to do something, I’m usually there to stumble through it.

I’m going to start off slow with a list of facts and figures that I compiled from my first 31 days of writing.

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