Introducing “The Write Way to Live Wrong”

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret; I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I guess in a general sense I do but in the grand scheme of things I’m clueless. Case in point: when I started down this path of becoming a professional writer I didn’t really have a plan. It’s now been a month and I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve decided to start a recurring segment called ‘The Write Way to Live Wrong’ to chronicle the small things I’m learning on my way to becoming an author. I’m interested in talking about the mundane details that get overlooked. And of course this is not a ‘how to’ guide but more of a cautionary tale. If there’s a wrong way to do something, I’m usually there to stumble through it.

I’m going to start off slow with a list of facts and figures that I compiled from my first 31 days of writing.

Number of days writing (yes I wrote every day): 31

Submissions: 6

Contests entered: 4

Acceptances: 1

Rejections: 0

Amount spent on writing (submissions + website registration): $79.31

Short stories completed: 10

Microstories (1000 words of less) completed: 9

Poems completed: 4

Personal essays completed: 1

Bios written: 3

Cover letters written: 4

Websites created: 1

Blog posts completed: 5

Words written (approx): 27000

Drafts: 33

Stories I was happy with: 3

Stories I was unhappy with: 4

Times I thought I was a genius: 4

Times I wanted to just quit everything: 10+

Writer ‘lunches‘: 3

Lists created: 1

I think this gives you an idea of what I was doing over the month of August. I’m going to slow down my writing a bit for September but I will be back with more entries for “The Write Way to Live Wrong”.

And remember you can’t have write without wrong.


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