Micro Mondays – Sept 7/15

Well it’s another Monday which means I have another installment of Micro Mondays.

After grabbing breakfast at a nearby cafe (the only thing open during Labour Day apparently) I went to snap a few pictures of the Little Free Library near my house. I’m not going to talk too much about the tiny library movement today since I’ll be talking about it quite a bit during these segments but I’ll give you the basics. Apparently back in 2009 a man in Wisconsin built a small house on a pole that resembled a schoolhouse as a tribute for his mother who used to be a school teacher. He put books in the box-house and the neighbours loved it and the idea and it started to take off. Flash forward to today and you can find these things in most residential areas of Toronto.

The central conceit of the mini library is that if you take a book you should replace it with something else which means you have a constantly changing collection to look through. This time around the small hut had some Crichton, Blume and Barnes.

The book that stood out for me was Beverly Cleary‘s Ramona and Her Mother. The only time I had heard this author’s name before was in an Epic Rap Battle of History featuring Edgar Allan Poe vs Stephen King.

Poe: I’ll forever be better

You’ll never be near me

Your books are as eerie Beverly Cleary…

I read the first chapter of Ramona and Her Mother and it wasn’t bad.

It flowed well and Ramona was a sympathetic scamp who obviously has a penchant for getting into trouble. Obviously the best way to celebrate New Year’s morning is to trick your nemesis into pulling out all the sheets out of a Kleenex box all over the house (that’s 250 tissues just so you know).

I’m not going to go out and buy all of Cleary’s books but it’s always good to see what works in genres I’m not that familiar with. Next week I’ll be back with another round of Micro Mondays.


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