Stay Strong Sister?

Today is International Women’s Day and all across the internet and social media tributes, stories, homages, anecdotes and manifestos have been going up in the name of women everywhere. Today also serves as a history lesson by scholars of all backgrounds of the exemplary females and female identified individuals who have made a difference. Sometimes these are personal heroes with many tributes to mothers, aunts and sisters. Then there are the social and cultural heroes; inventors that brought us inventions like wireless communication systems and kevlar. Or the heroes that pushed the civil rights movement forward or fought for the right to vote for all women. There are the heroes that are unknown to many Westerners who are heralded to show the impact of women on a global scale. Then there are the fictional heroes, superheroines, witches, jedi who have physical and mystical and magical strength. All these examples are of female and female identified individuals who were courageous and embodied the ideals of a hero.

I sit here and wonder about all the others that don’t get put on the pantheon of the strong. I think about those who haven’t become notable through discoveries or actions or relationships. And this isn’t to discount the need for heroes and the stalwarts of women’s history; they give people something to aim for, to admire, to better themselves through and their visibility is incredibly important, especially at forgotten intersections. But the non-strong should be considered and remembered and celebrated on days such as this so they’re not lost to the orbit of the brightest stars.


Pluto… never forget the ninth.

Some of you might be wondering where I’ve been since my last post that half explained where I was in my previous absence. I’m happy to say that I have been writing but just not here. I’ve been trying to work on my fiction but I’ve mainly been adding to the conversation of niche gaming through the website And while I’m going to talk about that experience in a future post, I wanted to share my minuscule addition to International Women’s Day… through video games… that takes my earlier musings into account… cause I like to tie things up…

The top women of x is a common occurrence for specialized internet sites on a day such as today and I added to Operation Rainfall’s favorite female game and anime characters. I tried to pick a less obvious choice, one that affected my experience as a gamer in both a positive way. I wanted someone who was flawed and ‘real’ that didn’t save the world from aliens or bring the male protagonist back from the brink either emotionally or physically. I just wanted your average Jane who had their own story and struggles and that wasn’t cured of the negative aspects in her life at the end of the game. I was able to find that person and we don’t even get to see her face.

Made by Giuliano Lo Bocchiaro

Actual in game picture of Delilah.

Here is a quote from my choice:

Delilah is the manager of a number of fire lookouts in Campo Santos gameFirewatch. And much like the main character Henry, she’s gone to the Wyoming wilderness to escape the shadows of her past. While she does act like a mentor figure, it doesn’t stop her from her vices; she drinks and curses, teases and prods, lies and steals. But she also cares about her rangers and develops a real and deep friendship with the protagonist. She just isn’t there as an ear to Henry’s troubles as she stumbles through her own hardships and history.

You can read my review of Firewatch here to get a better sense of what that game and world is like. But for now I look towards Delilah as an attempt to recognize the average; the women that are there in our lives but maybe aren’t as ‘strong’ as the others. Sometimes it takes a village and that includes even the weakest members.


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