Stay Strong Sister?

Today is International Women’s Day and all across the internet and social media tributes, stories, homages, anecdotes and manifestos have been going up in the name of women everywhere. Today also serves as a history lesson by scholars of all backgrounds of the exemplary females and female identified individuals who have made a difference. Sometimes these are personal heroes with many tributes to mothers, aunts and sisters. Then there are the social and cultural heroes; inventors that brought us inventions like wireless communication systems and kevlar. Or the heroes that pushed the civil rights movement forward or fought for the right to vote for all women. There are the heroes that are unknown to many Westerners who are heralded to show the impact of women on a global scale. Then there are the fictional heroes, superheroines, witches, jedi who have physical and mystical and magical strength. All these examples are of female and female identified individuals who were courageous and embodied the ideals of a hero.

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